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                Mr. Cheng Bingqiang ( Delegate of NPC) Was Interviewed by Peoples Daily and Other Medias
                Source: Author: Date:12 March 2018 View:
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                Mr. Cheng Bingqiang was interviewed by “China Metallurgical Newspaper” and “China Iron and Steel News Network”
                As of March 12, 2018, during the two sessions , Mr. Cheng Bingqiang (Delegate to the National people's Congress, Chairman and Party Committee Secretary of China MCC5 Group)  had been interviewed by "People's Daily", "China Economic Information" of “Economic Daily”, "China Metallurgical Newspaper", "China Court of Justice", "Sichuan Daily" and Chengdu TV Station, etc. The relative articles have been copied by a number of domestic large-scale portals.
                      On March 11, “People's Daily” published an exclusive interview with Mr. Cheng Bingqiang in the special edition of Two Sessions, entitled "Promoting Industrial Upgrading with Reform and Innovation". Mr. Cheng Bingqiang expressed his opinion in the interview: “As a state-owned enterprise, we want to be practitioners of high-quality development”.
                      On the evening of March 7th, Mr. Cheng Bingqiang was interviewed by “China Metallurgical Newspaper” and “China Iron and Steel News Network”. Subsequently, “China Metallurgical Newspaper” and “China Iron and Steel News Network” published an interview report entitled "Keeping in Mind New missions and Fulfilling New Duties." In the interview,  Mr. Cheng Bingqiang not only talked about his feeling for the government work report, but also discussed how to realize the high quality development in combination with the goal to “build first-class MCC5 and create happy MCC5 ".   
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